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      Alright. Lemme start off. I am not the girl described in the title. I’m simply a guy helping her look for a black stud to breed her. If you want to see what she looks like, her pics are in the post. Her name is Charlotte. She’s 18; 19 in April. She lives in Truro, England, and is seeking the following:

      7inches + (that shouldn’t be hard to meet)
      Under 60
      Over 20
      Lives in England
      Has to cum inside
      1st-3rd generation African (preferrably 1st)
      Good stamina
      And that’s it

      We are looking to get her bred IMMEDIATELY. She does not care about anyone sticking around to be a father. She just wants to be black bred as soon as possible. She wouldn’t mind if you want to invite a friend to go at her with you as well. If any of this sounds like you please pm me and make sure you have a pic of yourself I can show her, nude or non-nude it doesn’t matter. If she likes you, I’ll put you in touch with her directly. That’s all!




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      You tell Charlotte I will pray for her every night for her to find her black lover. Thank you Jesus.

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      Hey. Are you still looking. Got am email or something?

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      hey are you still looking!???

      im interested. Let’s get in contact

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