The black truth hurts white boys but white girls are thrilled

White women are discovering the superiority of black men at an alarming rate, at least from white guys’ perspectives. Those little dick white losers are doing everything in their power to try and stop it, but the say-no-to-white-boys trend continues to gain momentum. It is time for everyone to recognize the facts: black men are truly superior. White men are inferior, and most of the world already knows it to be true.

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3 Responses to The black truth hurts white boys but white girls are thrilled


    White boys truly are pathetic little dick losers. Beautiful interracial couples are the future.

  2. Joey says:

    This does NOT hurt me. I LOVE to watch pretty young white girl get picked up and deeeeeeeeeeeeeep fucked by a Big Black Cock. ALTHOUGH. I love it Hidden and NON prfessional. May hurt you but I LOVE to watch them all alone and in our blackcockchurch 69 eating and sucking each other body fluids. White women need black mene and black men need white women. Thank you soooo much for neing here. Keep it NON professional and real.

  3. Joey says:

    I thank God everyday when my pathetic butte squats down in a Hallmark and sniffs white women’s butte stink pathetically and I think of how I LOVE watching them all alone with that black cock. Yes I am pathetic so the next time you catch a pathetic wheeny perveret little dick white boy like me sniffing your butte or looking up your dress just relax and fart in our faces and laugh and snicker we want your stink while you are shopping I am worshipping your stink. Pathetic isn’t it . Stink butte.

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