Black men are superior and white women are taking notice

Some racists still claim that white girls aren’t into black men. Well, look around you and let the new Interracial Future reality sink in. Society now admires and respects black men and white girls are finally free to pursue their black cravings. Do your part and maybe you too will have a role to play in the Black New World Order.

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3 Responses to Black men are superior and white women are taking notice

  1. uk bbc says:

    Respect black dick always

  2. Chuck says:

    You’re goddamm right black men are superior.

  3. Hannah says:

    This is hilarious, Black guys are delusional. There so proud of getting white ugly douchbag girls that white guys would never bang and yet, Black guys are sooo proud Lolol , To impress us, why don’t you get a beautiful white girl and bang them? do you know why? because you cant, there just not into you, so when you say
    “Once you go black you never go back” you’re only half right because its the ugly white girls that white guys would never wanna touch, that’s why those ugly girls who can’t get white guys, once they go black of course they never go back!! Who are they going to go back to???? lolo

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