Why not just get rid of white boys altogether?

Black dick is the future for white women and there is no need to even keep white boys hanging around. How could a white boy ever be of any use to you in the Black New World Order?

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7 Responses to Why not just get rid of white boys altogether?

  1. RAF says:

    No white boys are needed.

  2. chocolatelab says:

    Because, then there would be no white girls. White boys are needed only for breeding future black cock slave girls.

  3. Crack Spider says:

    Its a math problem. You know… Math. That class with all those numbers in it.

    Blacks are net takers and generate no value. Their only contribution to civilization is music, and without white money to buy their albums, the industry flops. Oh, you may say that the money comes from your own community, but without whites creating wealth and generating the income, alllll those welfare checks go away and the whole black dominance dissolves.

    See how long a white slut stays on your BBC when you cant feed her, shelter her, or drape her in brands you can’t afford without white men. Ho’s be ho’s.

    • BBCdevotion says:

      America was built on the backs of Black slaves, and Europe benefitted greatly from stealing, raping and usurping the natural resources of Africans… so really all that wealth belongs to the Blacks.

      Its a painful truth but you know it to be true..

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