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      looking for tips on how to black my gf.

      Is anyone in san francisco up to meet at power exchange? My gf doesn’t know my fantasies but i want to see her get destroyed by a big black cock…preferably a thug looking black guy. But anyone will do. I try to go to clubs and expose her to black guys more or when we walk around downtown san francisco, she gets hit on a lot and if they are brazen, they will touch and feel on her. I get turned on just thinking of it. Any who, she’s very submissive and i think maybe power exchange would be easy to get her blacked or my question is if i asked one of those black guys who hit on her in downtown to meet us and then i would let him just have her…..again, she doesn’t know my plan, but i pretty much would let him creep on her and she would cave in. I’m almost certain. I want this so bad. heres a pic of her and what dress i would most likely have her wear.

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      OMG!! ur gf is fucking hot ! she will make a great BBC u think she will resist the black thugs advances ? luv to hear how it turns out

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        I highly doubt she would resist much…shes naturally very submissive…and thats what turns me on is that if i wasn’t there those times guys hit on her at clubs.bars.raves. etc…who knows ….even guys on the street like black guys when we pass by certain parts of sf or in certain bars clubs…theyre very aggressive with her but i wanna maybe see what would happen if i let it be and dont interfere and figured power exchange in sf would be the best

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      She is stunning A bbc would blow his load before he got into her wow.

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      She is hot!! And she will love Black dick! Keep us informed of your progress! You are one lucky man!

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      What ever became of this?

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