White cum is wasted. Blacks are doing the breeding

White boy brains are being wired to accept and enjoy it when white women are going black. Each time a white boy sees a white woman with a black man, the neural pathways in his brain are reinforced to associate white women with black men. This is why interracial relationships need to be on every media outlet all the time. Interracial porn is also an especially powerful way to get white boys to associate sexual pleasure with watching white girls go black. Soon white boys will not even want to fuck white girls anymore and the only reason to want a girlfriend is to watch her get blacked. Porn highlights just how superior black cock is.

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2 Responses to White cum is wasted. Blacks are doing the breeding

  1. sissydale says:

    I totally agree, I used to not feel that way, but I do now! I just wish I could find a few nice black men to suck in Charlotte, NC area. I have wanted to suck a black man’s dick for a long time, but don’t know any black men personally well enough to approach them about being their cock sucking slave. Any suggestions?

  2. Mike says:

    Spot on 🙂 and Truth

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