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      IR Future

      From modernmarriage-herbody-herchoice:

      By constantly promoting interracial relationships between White women & Black men, we are hitting all the right pressure points to destroy White supremacy.

      • Sowing division between White women & White men.
      • Normalizing White women&non-White Men relationships.
      • Destroying White masculinity/White Male ego & promoting non-White masculinity.
      • Feminizing White boys to the point to where they won’t produce any offspring.
      • Promoting White women to birth non-White children which lowers White birth rates.
      • Getting young White girls addicted to BBC at an early age, will keep more White men from reproducing.

      The entire foundation of White supremacy is built upon and sustained by the wombs of White women. Who are the only women who can produce White people? White women. White women hold all the power in destroying this racist system. There is only one path to destroying White supremacy & racism, and that is through White women’s wombs. Black-Breed as many White girls as possible, it’s the only way.


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      IR Future

      From modernmarriage-herbody-herchoice:

      Wifes ninth writing: going black only

      When I decided I wanted to have a child, I already had it in my mind that I wanted to start moving towards being black only. After nearly a year and a half of non-monogamous sex, my husband and I’s relationship had gone from hot-wife-sharing, to cuckolding. Everything had been so amazing already, and we were both really enjoying the group of men who had been on our journey for so long. However, the appreciation of “her body, her choice” really began to have a deeper meaning to me. Even though I was already enjoying a non-traditional relationship between my husband and my regulars I felt there was more that could be done.


      I decided I wanted to have a baby. I strongly felt that I did not want to have the baby with my husband. By this time in our relationship we were pretty much not having sex, as it had completely stopped. Well I say “completely”, but it did still happen very rarely. Sex between us stopped 100% after I got pregnant. But as far as anyone else knew, my husband and I were having frequent sex in private.

      Anyway, I decided I wanted to have the baby with one of our regulars. Hubs was not entirely sure how to feel about it, but said it was up to me if I really wanted to do it. I told him I really wanted to have the baby this way, because 1. We aren’t having that much sex anyway, 2. I really really felt I needed to have a baby with this other man, and 3. It felt right and my body wanted it more than anything. Since we were good friends with everyone in the group we decided it would be best for me to not let hubs or the man I was going to get pregnant with know who was giving me a baby. We would then tell everyone the baby was my husband’s.


      After the delivery I was not much into the mood for a lot of group sex. I know some women get really horny after, but that’s not me. Plus, I really wanted to go Black exclusively. During my pregnancy and after the delivery all I could think about was “it’s time to go black.” The more I thought about it, the more right it felt. That had been the next missing piece to the lifestyle of “her body, her choice.”

      After my daughter turned a year old my husband got a new job and we moved. This was perfect, because I was finally able to progress to the next step. It was a little tricky, but with some phone calls to some previous regulars, and a couple of ads we were finally able to have a meet.

      And holy shit was it amazing! ? Had I known about all of this before getting married it would have changed my entire life. I’m glad I learned it when I did, but I think knowing this sooner in life would have been much better.


      Black sex is better. But it isn’t better because of penis size per se, although there are some monsters out there that do make me orgasm like crazy. It is better because it feels more natural, yet also eccentric. Sex with black feels proper, true and guiltless. The thought of having sex with a white male now feels unorthodox, shameful and completely wrong. When I am being blacked, I never have to wonder if I am doing the right thing, because I know without a doubt that I am most certainly am!

      I think my regrets in life is that I didn’t do this sooner, and the amount of sex I had with white men. I mean yeah it was wonderful and I loved every second of it. And I received my beautiful daughter who I love dearly and can raise right. But I have come to learn and embrace how “her body, her choice”  fully stands against the oppressive views of traditional society.


      And after coming to fully understand and embrace that, combined with what I have experienced with this lifestyle, I have come to realize that for me sex with white is wrong. I don’t necessarily regret what I did with them in the past, because i believe it was a very important stepping stone to get where i am today. However, I know if I were to ever have sex with a white again i would regret it. As a white married woman, non-monogamous sex with black men, and being pregnant with a mixed baby is 100% what the ideals of “her body, her choice” are all about. And I love knowing that what I am doing is helping to fight traditional oppressive-white-think and changing the world for the better.


      I highly encourage all white women who are considering to try this lifestyle to do so. I think you’d regret it if you didn’t.

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      Yes it fucking does ! Omfg  I’m so addicted and wet y’all  don’t even know !

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      IR Future

      Yes, we are doing what society expects. Just like Darcus Howe once said. We are black men, that means we make babies all the time. I try to buy them nice things and I would break anyone who tried to harm my kids. But try to go inside our heads. We are kept out of everything. The one place we know we can win, where the white man is no good, is in bed. This is where we can be kings.

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      Chicago white guy

      I’m white male 45 years old. I agree that all white women must only have sex with black men. I personally contributed to this movement as well. I no longer have sex with women and only serve black men by sucking their cocks.

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      I am going to try to convince my mom yo brain wash my little sister for big black cock. This Christmas would be a great opportunity for my whole family to sit around and watch as my mom and little sister kiss each other and fuck big black cock together.

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      Its totally worked on me lol.  I just recently slept with a black guy and now i want to leave my white hubby and have black babies! I’m totally serious!

      Bree (

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      International Truth

      ユダヤ人 トリック!!!


      ユダヤ人 トリック!!!

      Black Male against White Female? Unnatural!

      起こる なぜ か? ユダヤ人 トリック!!!

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      Yes keep up with the good work and convert as many white women to go black only.

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      i do agree. i was black owned slave and i loved it to be his owned property. i am only a white inferior slave pig, i was born to be owned, serve and obey only the black superior race. and i need it again, the total enslavement as long as i do live. greetings juli

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      I love the admin’s message! Interracial sex will be the religion of the 21st century and I am addicted to promoting it, even though as a white male I confine my sex life to masturbation on principle.

      I like to do what I can to reach out to normies on internet Adult forums. Send me a message if you would like to help me spread the word.

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      maryann hayes

      my first was when i was a teen i loved it and have stayed black

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      I am 43 year old white male married to a 28 year old white female with no white children and we plan to keep it that way.  I had my vasectomy 12 months ago.  It has been a long process over 8 years of marriage, but well worth it.  I grew up in the oppressive white system without knowing the damage it has done.  My wife taught me how to let go of those patriarchal white values.

      My wife is non monogamous while I remain firmly committed to “her body. her choice”.  Wife has 4 regular black males she meets a few times a week.  Until I had a vasectomy I had to pull out before climax and dump it in a trash can.  I appreciated her benevolence in allowing me to even enter her and release outside.  Now that I am “fixed” I still release outside because I feel I am not worthy enough to even inseminate her with blanks.  In between having sex once a month I masturbate to keep my focus on my wife and support her choice.

      My wife has informed me of her decision to have babies with her partners.  I fully support her decision and I look forward to supporting her and her children.  The black males will not know which one has fathered the children unless they want to.  Totally their choice.  Ultimately my responsibility is to support the babies.

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      IR Future

      We received this reply from DB4570:

      I recognized a great post and then noted it was written by the administrator of this site.

      1ST, The name of this site, “Interracial Future” is perfect. It expresses the vision and makes clear the fact that what’s at stake is the future…long term and forever. Not just momentary personal enjoyment, however important that seems. Ultimately pro-interracial is pro-black. You obviously understand that. Well done.

      2ND I’ve rarely seen the issue of white supremacy and its weak point expressed so well. Wow. Such clarity in so few words. It correctly identifies the object, to deprive white men of white women, without which white children will be impossible. Beyond that it emphasizes nature’s way: The natural overwhelming attraction of white women to strong confident black men. This means avoiding the head on clash of an all out race war and achieving the same result.

      Finally, you have figured out one overwhelmingly important fact: The black penis is both the symbol and the instrument of power. Real power. Physical power. Racial power. Ultimately political power and total domination.

      Just note the way white girls’ eyes light up in the presence of breathtaking black cocks…and the energy and enthusiasm with which these white girls respond.

      The natural attraction of white girls to powerful black cocks will make unnecessary the future use of such politically and morally controversial measures as mandated universal white castration or mandatory white male chastity. Although possibly seen as desirable in the eyes of some, these seemingly extreme measures will not be necessary. Obviously when future non-white political and demographic power become overwhelming and the point of no return for white revival is passed, this debate can be re-opened again for further consideration.

      This is not just the solution to the curse of white supremacy but to the curse of feminism, which is nothing but the hatred of men and the hatred of women who love children. The natural attraction of white girls to strong black men is as powerful a biological force as gravity is a physical force. As white girls defect and know the pleasure and power of the strong black cock, they will be more committed to having black babies than to long years of formal education and crushing school loans.

      Destroying feminism will end a great biological crime against all humanity. Feminism walled of intelligent white women from the human gene pool of all humans, not just the white gene pool. Whites lost their women and lost their genetic reserves. Strong black men will bring back white women into the human gene pool by breeding them and contribute to the whole human race. Breeding white women will strengthen all humanity even as it destroys white supremacy in the process.

      Just my .02

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