Black dick means there is no use for white boys anymore

In reality there was never any real use for white boys but in the modern world a woman would be a fool to even consider dating white. You don’t want substandard dick when you can get the real black thing.

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7 Responses to Black dick means there is no use for white boys anymore

  1. Chris 9 Inch BBC says:

    Amen to that !!!

  2. mysmallwhitedickisuseless says:

    I dont even talk to white girls anymore because I know they will say NO. 🙁 I just ask if I could watch.

  3. Joey says:

    I love them stink buttes getting that black cock. Nasty stink butts. I never talk to them at all for years now. BLACK COCK ONLY.

  4. JesseW says:

    White boys just can’t match their women’s sex drive. Black men is the answer.

  5. john says:

    Other white boys still liike white boys

  6. Joey says:

    Thank you Lord for all that young white teen that loves black cock. If the legal age would be 16 we white boys would be opened up to a new beautiful world of Big Black Studs and young teen white girls deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in our black cock church worship.

  7. Joey says:

    Can you imagine Her orgasm at 16. Thank you Jesus. Deeeeeeeeeep around 9 inches . My lord.

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