Going black is the logical choice for white girls and boys

Black guys have way bigger dicks than white boys and that symbolizes who has won the natural selection game big time. No wonder the races are now finally being ranked correctly with black men on the top of the world. Big black cocks are being worshipped, black seed is being ingested and pumped into white wombs while white boys dribble their pathetic loads on the floor, into tissues, toilets, and down the drain.

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2 Responses to Going black is the logical choice for white girls and boys

  1. Joey says:

    Dear God I LOVE how white girls buttes stink in the Hallmarks. Thank you LORD for black cock and white pussy. Read my message white girls . Let us butte sniffers be your toilet sniffing pervert please.

  2. Nathan ( Nathalie) says:

    Here’s 1 white boy that is wanting to be taken by a group of Black Kings and I need to get roughly, maybe even brutally, gangbanged until I utterly surrender myself and start begging for even more Big Black Cocks filling me up with Pure African Seed and turning me into your little white sissy bitch forever craving for more cocks to satisfy with my mouth and ass.

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