Blacked white girls stand united against pathetic white boys

White boys staying pussyfree is not something you can limit to Locktober only. No white boys are allowed near any women anymore and if these racists losers don’t behave they will not keep their interracial porn privileges for long.

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4 Responses to Blacked white girls stand united against pathetic white boys

  1. Joey says:

    God I LOVE it when they giive me that FUCK YOU WHITE BOY look.

    • Chuck says:

      I love that “fuck you white boy” look too. My 2 beautiful blonde daughters have both gone black only. And they bring the black boyfriends home multiple times a week. I have to listen to them fucking and they don’t even try to be quiet.

      Some of the black guys get cocky with me. One of the regulars tells me to “be goddamn sure I have a six pack of Miller Lite waiting for him when he shows up”

  2. Joey says:

    YES , thank you Jesus.

  3. wifeisbbcwhore says:

    This is very true. Most white women would choose black cock. On our honeymoon wife let 8 black côcks gangfuck her on the beach loving it so much. I love how whites women’s animosity and dirtiness will come out for black mens cocks but not white. My wife becomes a beast my daughter becomes a nasty little girl letting black men gangbang her anallly in room right next to mine. I love how black cock makes the prettiest most innocent white gitls into sexy super freaks.

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