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June 25, 2022 at 2:59 pm #15240 Reply

Vivian and April

Introduction: This is the story of how my daughter and I were gangbanged and turned into white sex slaves for my daughter’s black boyfriend and his friends. I apologize in advance if this reads more like a report than a story as I’m basically just writing down what actually happened to us.


My name is Vivian, I am a 44 year old, blonde suburban single mother to a 24 year old daughter named April. We live in Yonkers, New York and, my daughter and I are very close and open with each other, to the point that we are even able to just discuss our sex lives with each other.


A little backstory about our family’s past. My family on my father’s side were slave owning, plantation owners back in South Carolina. After the Civil War, due to my father’s family having actively supported the Confederacy, the United States government seized their cotton farms in South Carolina, resulting in them having to move around to places like Tennessee, Texas and later up to New York just to look for work.


Fast forward to today, we are socially progressive liberals, my daughter participated in the 2020 BLM protests in New York City and yes, we’ve both dated and been fucked by a few black guys in the past.


My daughter April is currently dating this black boy from college named Joseph. He is a 28 year old Liberian refugee, tall, physically fit, bald and but also just a really kind person. They’ve been in a serious relationship for 2 years now. Joseph himself is also descended from African-American slaves who moved to Liberia following the end of the Civil War.


One evening, earlier this month in June, I came home at around 8pm from a book club meeting. Joseph’s car was parked in our driveway and as I entered the house, I could hear the sound of my daughter moaning and breathing heavily as well as her bed rocking from her room. I figured that since Joseph is over, my daughter is probably just getting fucked right now so I figured I’d just go upstairs, get dressed and leave them be.


Half an hour later, I came back down to get a glass of water, dressed only in a nightie. However, I could still the sound of fucking coming from my daughter’s room but this time, I also noticed the sound of there being multiple people. Curious, I quietly opened the door to April’s room, just a little to see what’s going on and to my surprise, my baby girl was in a full-on gangbang with five black men. One of them was Joseph, and I could see my daughter with a collar & chain wrapped around her neck, welts all over my daughter’s ass and back, and her being fucked from behind while two guys to either side of her are taking turns throat fucking my April.


When they noticed me, they all suddenly came to a dead stop. “Sorry, I was just watching. Feel free to continue”, I said in embarrassment. As I turned and was about to leave, I heard my daughter say “Mom, do you want to join in? I can’t do this alone”, implying that this gangbang was a little too much for her to handle.


As I thought about it, I felt a hand grab me by the waist and pull me back into her room. Before I knew it, three of the men were groping me and cupping my breasts as they undressed me and as soon as I was naked, they threw me in bed, next to my daughter.


In permanent marker, I could see words such as “white slave”, “reparations whore” and “black baby maker” written all over her body. I then said out loud, “do to me, what you’re doing to her”.


With that, I could feel them putting a collar around my neck, putting me on my hands and knees as they started belting my back and ass from behind. My daughter was apparently in a white slavery themed gangbang, with her boyfriend and his friends, and I just joined in.


The man who was fucking my daughter then pulled out of her, positioned himself behind me and started fucking me from behind. April was then flipped over to her back, as a man spread her legs, got between her and started fucking my daughter from the front.


Later, three boys lifted my body, placing me, face forward, on top of my daughter, our breasts pressing up against each other, as the men fucking us took turns alternating between fucking my pussy and fucking her pussy. By this time, my daughter has already passed out so while they could still fuck her, I had to do the cock sucking all by myself.


As they fucked me, they took out markers and started writing the same degrading words on my body as they wrote on April’s body. I then spent the next two or so hours being fucked vaginally, anally and orally, until I myself also passed out.


The next morning, I woke up in April’s bed, April laying on top of me, cum oozing out of our pussies and asses, as our hair, our faces and breasts were covered in cum. I hugged and caressed my daughter as she laid on top of me.


Still naked, our bodies sore, cum dripping out of our bottom holes and hair disheveled, as dried cum, teats and mascara were smeared across our faces, April and I, hugging each other limped out of her room to the kitchen to make breakfast. Three of the boys, including Joseph were still in the house, as Joseph was sleeping in my bedroom, one of the men sleeping in our guest room and one fast asleep in the living room.


They started waking up as April and I cooked breakfast for them, and the five of us, had breakfast in the kitchen.


While April and I were hand washing the dishes (dishwasher was broken), I saw Joseph grab my daughter from behind. His cock was hard and clearly needed to get off so April stopped what she was doing, got on her knees and started trying to suck him off. I also stopped, got behind my daughter, grabbed April’s head and started forcing her to get his cock deeper inside her throat. This was me punishing her for an unrelated thing earlier that month.


As the two other men joined us in the kitchen, I instructed them to carry my daughter to my bedroom upstairs. As they laid her body down on my bed, I took out some dildos, vibrators, cuffs, nipple clamps and whips which I gave to them, to use on us. April and I then spent the next few hours being fucked and treated like white sex slaves.


By the time they finished and left, April and I laid there in bed naked, my daughter crying as I held her and our bodies sore and cum covered.


As per my daughter’s suggestion, I am posting our story here.


I have posted our photos below. The photo of the girl in a jacuzzi, wearing a teal bikini is my daughter April and the woman in a white dress, with her bare breasts showing is me.

July 12, 2022 at 9:00 pm #16358 Reply


Praise God oh How I Praise God for white women and oh your daughter ,thank you Jesus. Thank you soooooooooo much for being here and Grasping that big black Cock Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in your cervix. Thank you God for white women and the power of that big black Cock they love soo dearly, Thank you Jesus.

July 12, 2022 at 9:01 pm #16359 Reply


please share private vids of your black cock deeeeep all alone with your lovers. Oh thank you God.

July 12, 2022 at 9:03 pm #16360 Reply


Let us old white boy perverts sniff your buttes when shopping and look up your dresses. Smell your day.

July 13, 2023 at 3:19 am #30975 Reply


Any room for one more bbc if so hit me I would love to join your gangbang I know Yonkers is a good while from me but I’ll travel

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