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January 25, 2023 at 4:36 pm #26084 Reply


When skinheads do prison time we usually leave our manhood in the county jail. County jail doesn’t house inmates by race and they make sure skinheads get celled with a Black man that will make a true faggot out of him. There’s just no going back to the man you were with an ass dripping a Black man’s sperm.
The big Black dude, called ‘Kash’ (Kashard), on the bottom bunk in the cell I was sent to didn’t say a word all day. Then when the lights went off at 10pm he stood up and said ‘Hey whiteboy, you ever had a Black dick?’. I told him to ‘Fuck off’. He laughed and said ‘I bet by morning you’ll be beggin’ to suck my dick’. Then he pulled me off the bunk. I must have got knocked out quick. When I woke up I was bent over his bed with my boxers pulled down. I started to yell but he grabbed me by the throat with both hands so I couldn’t breathe. Just before I passed out I felt a pain worse than anything I thought possible as he forced his donkey dick into my virgin pussy. When I came to he was fucking me. He grabbed my throat again and said, ‘Get loud and I’ll break yo neck whiteboy’.
Then he said, ‘Damn yo pussy feel gud as fuck bitch’, and started fucking harder. I felt his huge cock filling my guts with sperm. Then he pulled out and told me, ‘Get on ur bunk and don’t get off’. I pulled up my boxers from around my ankles and with a sore ass, I climbed into my bed. I waited till he was asleep and tried to get down to push the intercom button but he woke up and grabbed me and punched me in the stomach. When he hit me I dropped to the floor and shot my boxers full of his sperm that was still in my ass. He said, ‘Get up and take dem off n wash yo pussy bitch’. As I was doing as I was told, he tossed a hand full of his own boxers and socks at me saying, ‘Don’t forget those’. Like a bitch, I kept quiet and followed orders. I noticed blood when I was washing what seemed like an impossibly large amount of sperm out of my boxers. Between the smell of all that sperm and the feel of it on my hands I suddenly had to throw up. Luckily the toilets are connected to the sink. I stood back up and bent over to rinse my mouth out in the sink. I was just splashing some water on my face when I felt him run his hand up the entire length of my ass crack. I must have jumped at least a meter off the ground and pressed my back against the wall. Partly from surprise but partly because of how much my ass hurt.
He laughed and told me ‘I gots da have me sum moe dat tight little pussy.’ My reason must have been a little unsound because until then it had not crossed my mind, even for a moment, that he might rape me again. By the time I was transferred to the Penn I had lost count of how many times I was raped. Anyway, by then I was so well trained to submit that even I didn’t think of it as rape.
My ass was so wrecked from getting raped earlier. I started pleading with him, ‘Please don’t…please!’ There was no sign that he could even hear me. There was now only centimetres between us as he forced his hand between the wall and my ass. I winced in pain and he stopped forcing his hand between my cheeks but he kept his hand where it was, with just the very tip of his pinkie finger in my sore hole.
On that night, my ass didn’t get fucked again. Instead I got my first taste of dick and balls. My jaw and throat got smashed while Kash taught me how to suck a dick and hum on nuts. It wasn’t as physically painful as being anally violated but I never again doubted that I’m a worthless, coward bitch, without an ounce of manhood. I was so afraid I was trembling. When his huge dick started to stand up I started to cry just like the bitch he said I was.
Through the tears I promised that if he waited till my ass wasn’t hurting, I’d ride him good , all night. He just wiggled his finger a little bit. I said, ‘Please, you’re so big!’ ‘Didn’t I say you’d be beggin’ fo it faggot?’, he asked. ‘Ask me again real nice and I might let yo faggot ass dome me up’. I looked at the floor and meekly asked, ‘Can I please suck your dick?’. ‘Watch the teeth or you’ll lose ’em’, he said. I dropped to my knees and took his massive pipe in my mouth. I was aware of feeling extremely grateful to be sucking his cock. He grabbed my head and forced me down on it until I started choking. I remember hearing him laughing as I frantically struggled to raise my head. When I finally got it out of my throat I sat gasping.
Then I heard him say quietly, ‘Look up at me’. He put his hand under my chin and gently turned my face up, I was still breathing hard. I actually thought he was going to apologise but he just looked down at me without any expression. Then without any warning he slapped the taste of dick out of my mouth! It almost knocked me out. He reached down and grabbed my ears and pulled me back up to my knees. I was still seeing stars. But I heard my instructions, ‘Get dat dick in yo mouth and if you take it out again wit out permission Ima break yo jaw bitch!’ ‘You hear me bitch?’ With so much dick in my throat all I could do in response was nod while I bobbed and gagged. That was the first of many bitch slaps since I first got my manhood taken. It was a good one too. The side of my face hurt like hell but at the time I was so afraid that I almost didn’t notice. I did notice that my cheek was swelling up because it was forcing my eye closed.
He grabbed my ears again and pinned my head to the wall and started wildly fucking me in my cocksucker. Sometimes he would run it in balls deep and keep it there until I started to pass out. All I could do was submit while I was getting violently raped in the mouth. I started thinking I was going to die on that huge Black dick and everyone would know I died like a real bitch. That’s when I started crying. That only made him start pounding as hard as he could. I only passed out briefly when I couldn’t breathe. I came to in time to get my mouth and throat flooded with sperm. He laughed while I was throwing up. From then on I never resisted. Even when the other Black men on the tier started taking turns on me I submitted quietly no matter how much I was abused.
Today I’m thankful to those Black men for training me to be a real faggot bitch. When I got to prison I was ready and spent the next six years with my boxers on backwards, washing Black men’s socks, boxers and shoes. I also had to clean their cells and give brain and ass to any Black man that wanted it. I still had things to learn though, like not raising my eyes above cock level of a Black man.
Whenever another skinhead hit the yard that hadn’t been put in his place it was my job to lure him into a cell and there would be Black men waiting in the cell next door and they would come in after us then I’d watch for the guards while watching them take the manhood of a fellow skinhead. It made my first lesson look easy but having another skin watching me crying while getting violated in both ends might have helped me accept a whiteboy’s place a little sooner. I learned in county jail how to do what I was told and act like I liked it. It took a little while longer for me to truly accept the natural place of a whiteboy.
Even since I’ve been out not a day has gone by that I didn’t have a gut full of Black men’s sperm. I’m 100% Black owned. No doubt if I hadn’t got locked up I would still be a racist in denial, pretending that my dick isn’t small and over compensating for my jealousy, insecurity and fear by hating Black men. In the back of my mind I was always aware that Black men were superior but I never would have had the courage to admit it even to myself. Despite how difficult I made it in the beginning it was well worth it. Thanks to Black men prison was the best thing that’s ever happen.
Global, absolute rule by the Black man, this is his world and any white not serving the Black man shouldn’t be allowed on his planet.
Any whiteboy trying to breed should have his nuts ripped off.

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