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January 25, 2023 at 4:36 pm #26084 Reply


When skinheads do prison time we usually leave our manhood in the county jail. County jail doesn’t house inmates by race and they make sure skinheads get celled with a Black man that will make a true faggot out of him. There’s just no going back to the man you were with an ass dripping a Black man’s sperm.
The big Black dude, called ‘Kash’ (Kashard), on the bottom bunk in the cell I was sent to didn’t say a word all day. Then when the lights went off at 10pm he stood up and said ‘Hey whiteboy, you ever had a Black dick?’. I told him to ‘Fuck off’. He laughed and said ‘I bet by morning you’ll be beggin’ to suck my dick’. Then he pulled me off the bunk. I must have got knocked out quick. When I woke up I was bent over his bed with my boxers pulled down. I started to yell but he grabbed me by the throat with both hands so I couldn’t breathe. Just before I passed out I felt a pain worse than anything I thought possible as he forced his donkey dick into my virgin pussy. When I came to he was fucking me. He grabbed my throat again and said, ‘Get loud and I’ll break yo neck whiteboy’.
Then he said, ‘Damn yo pussy feel gud as fuck bitch’, and started fucking harder. I felt his huge cock filling my guts with sperm. Then he pulled out and told me, ‘Get on ur bunk and don’t get off’. I pulled up my boxers from around my ankles and with a sore ass, I climbed into my bed. I waited till he was asleep and tried to get down to push the intercom button but he woke up and grabbed me and punched me in the stomach. When he hit me I dropped to the floor and shot my boxers full of his sperm that was still in my ass. He said, ‘Get up and take dem off n wash yo pussy bitch’. As I was doing as I was told, he tossed a hand full of his own boxers and socks at me saying, ‘Don’t forget those’. Like a bitch, I kept quiet and followed orders. I noticed blood when I was washing what seemed like an impossibly large amount of sperm out of my boxers. Between the smell of all that sperm and the feel of it on my hands I suddenly had to throw up. Luckily the toilets are connected to the sink. I stood back up and bent over to rinse my mouth out in the sink. I was just splashing some water on my face when I felt him run his hand up the entire length of my ass crack. I must have jumped at least a meter off the ground and pressed my back against the wall. Partly from surprise but partly because of how much my ass hurt.
He laughed and told me ‘I gots da have me sum moe dat tight little pussy.’ My reason must have been a little unsound because until then it had not crossed my mind, even for a moment, that he might rape me again. By the time I was transferred to the Penn I had lost count of how many times I was raped. Anyway, by then I was so well trained to submit that even I didn’t think of it as rape.
My ass was so wrecked from getting raped earlier. I started pleading with him, ‘Please don’t…please!’ There was no sign that he could even hear me. There was now only centimetres between us as he forced his hand between the wall and my ass. I winced in pain and he stopped forcing his hand between my cheeks but he kept his hand where it was, with just the very tip of his pinkie finger in my sore hole.
On that night, my ass didn’t get fucked again. Instead I got my first taste of dick and balls. My jaw and throat got smashed while Kash taught me how to suck a dick and hum on nuts. It wasn’t as physically painful as being anally violated but I never again doubted that I’m a worthless, coward bitch, without an ounce of manhood. I was so afraid I was trembling. When his huge dick started to stand up I started to cry just like the bitch he said I was.
Through the tears I promised that if he waited till my ass wasn’t hurting, I’d ride him good , all night. He just wiggled his finger a little bit. I said, ‘Please, you’re so big!’ ‘Didn’t I say you’d be beggin’ fo it faggot?’, he asked. ‘Ask me again real nice and I might let yo faggot ass dome me up’. I looked at the floor and meekly asked, ‘Can I please suck your dick?’. ‘Watch the teeth or you’ll lose ’em’, he said. I dropped to my knees and took his massive pipe in my mouth. I was aware of feeling extremely grateful to be sucking his cock. He grabbed my head and forced me down on it until I started choking. I remember hearing him laughing as I frantically struggled to raise my head. When I finally got it out of my throat I sat gasping.
Then I heard him say quietly, ‘Look up at me’. He put his hand under my chin and gently turned my face up, I was still breathing hard. I actually thought he was going to apologise but he just looked down at me without any expression. Then without any warning he slapped the taste of dick out of my mouth! It almost knocked me out. He reached down and grabbed my ears and pulled me back up to my knees. I was still seeing stars. But I heard my instructions, ‘Get dat dick in yo mouth and if you take it out again wit out permission Ima break yo jaw bitch!’ ‘You hear me bitch?’ With so much dick in my throat all I could do in response was nod while I bobbed and gagged. That was the first of many bitch slaps since I first got my manhood taken. It was a good one too. The side of my face hurt like hell but at the time I was so afraid that I almost didn’t notice. I did notice that my cheek was swelling up because it was forcing my eye closed.
He grabbed my ears again and pinned my head to the wall and started wildly fucking me in my cocksucker. Sometimes he would run it in balls deep and keep it there until I started to pass out. All I could do was submit while I was getting violently raped in the mouth. I started thinking I was going to die on that huge Black dick and everyone would know I died like a real bitch. That’s when I started crying. That only made him start pounding as hard as he could. I only passed out briefly when I couldn’t breathe. I came to in time to get my mouth and throat flooded with sperm. He laughed while I was throwing up. From then on I never resisted. Even when the other Black men on the tier started taking turns on me I submitted quietly no matter how much I was abused.
Today I’m thankful to those Black men for training me to be a real faggot bitch. When I got to prison I was ready and spent the next six years with my boxers on backwards, washing Black men’s socks, boxers and shoes. I also had to clean their cells and give brain and ass to any Black man that wanted it. I still had things to learn though, like not raising my eyes above cock level of a Black man.
Whenever another skinhead hit the yard that hadn’t been put in his place it was my job to lure him into a cell and there would be Black men waiting in the cell next door and they would come in after us then I’d watch for the guards while watching them take the manhood of a fellow skinhead. It made my first lesson look easy but having another skin watching me crying while getting violated in both ends might have helped me accept a whiteboy’s place a little sooner. I learned in county jail how to do what I was told and act like I liked it. It took a little while longer for me to truly accept the natural place of a whiteboy.
Even since I’ve been out not a day has gone by that I didn’t have a gut full of Black men’s sperm. I’m 100% Black owned. No doubt if I hadn’t got locked up I would still be a racist in denial, pretending that my dick isn’t small and over compensating for my jealousy, insecurity and fear by hating Black men. In the back of my mind I was always aware that Black men were superior but I never would have had the courage to admit it even to myself. Despite how difficult I made it in the beginning it was well worth it. Thanks to Black men prison was the best thing that’s ever happen.
Global, absolute rule by the Black man, this is his world and any white not serving the Black man shouldn’t be allowed on his planet.
Any whiteboy trying to breed should have his nuts ripped off.

January 24, 2024 at 4:59 pm #32989 Reply

Jason R

Well congratulations for finally having your eyes opened to being nothing more than a black men’s bitch instead of being a real man. Reading your story as a worthless white bitch myself I couldn’t help and rub my fucking worthless, fucking tiny cock and remember my first term in California. I’ve been in county jail a few times, and I was up with a black. That fact, when I got to prison at the age of 23 I had never even considered that would ever do anything with any guy especially not a black guy. I was since the four years at CMC East and I got a month in My stay there my celly came back after a visit with a fresh needle and some meth. I never done a shot before, but I wasn’t about to pass it up at this moment. As soon as my cell hit me with that free shot, I instantly felt my dick hard, and my ass started to leak. I climbed my bunk looking at fuck books and jacking. I started fantasizing out of nowhere about what it would would be like to be fucked by black man. after hours and hours of fantasizing about this I can caulk it up a plan. The next day I was going to hit up my next-door neighbor, who was currently celled up with a tranny. I was going to ask him if he could help me by finding me a willing black daddy that will protect me from my own race if I celled up with him and became his bitch?
I still couldn’t believe I was actually going through with it. It was just supposed to be a fantasy, but at this point, I was so spun out and I was on a mission to become a bitch. Make a long story short, he introduced me to a lifer named Dre. When my neighbor introduced us, I immediately cutting in the  conversation i’m blurting out the phrase of I’m ready to be your bitch daddy if you protect me from my people. He looked at me for a long moment and told me to get my ass in the cell take all my clothes off sit on the toilet and keep my head down and not to move till I was told to. Immediately without another word I did as I was told. I guess Dre left to go talk to the police about getting my cell moved. During that time my dick was hard as a rock and they said at the toilet I started jacking it off until Dre came in and caught me. He asked me what the fuck I thought I was doing? Telling me he didn’t give me permission to do anything like that. I say I was sorry when he slap me in my face so hard and knocked me on my ass off the toilet. lay on the floor. He explained to me I’ve got myself into, but I’ve been more than I anticipated. It was too late now. From this day forward his property and I will do as I’m told or he just give me back the white boys and let them get with me. I told him I understand and not to worry. I then ask him it be OK if I was blunt with him. He gave me permission, and I explained the had done a shot of meth and this is what I’ve done to me. he told me not to worry that he is he alone was the main guy smoking most of the drugs in this prison, and not to worry as long as I continue to be an obedient bitch for him doing exactly what I’m told that he would make sure that I stayed high the whole time. That’s pretty much what happened. For the next 30 days I wasn’t allowed to leave the cell for anything. My shower consisted of showering in the sink and started going to breakfast and dinner. He made sure that I ate top Ramen and it spread instead. The 30 days was for him to train me as he tried to push me to my limits. Even though I was high as fuck and wanted his dick so bad , my pussy was a virgin as well and it hurt and it bled and I cried. He explained me that what I had done by realizing that I was nothing more than a fucking bitch and that my soul purpose for being alive was to please and worship the black race. I’m not sure how I bought the whole thing wholeheartedly, maybe it was the drugs maybe it was because I was scared not to, but whatever the reason his words were gospel, and I truly believed,  with in that first 30 days first 30 days that the true Superior race was black and that being white, only had one thing going for it, and that is surrendering to the black race And becoming nothing more than a cum dumpster for them. It wasn’t long before I was instructed that during a visit with my mom, I was to explain to her that I was in danger of being killed by the head shot collar for the black because of me disrespecting him in some form. Explaining to my mom that my only two options were to go to the police and be sent to protective custody for being a snitch or she had to agree to fill out a form so that she can marry Dre, and you can get conjugal visits with her every few months. She said they’re not saying anything I’m assuming thinking that I was crazy and that there’s no way in hell she’s going to divorce my stepdad and marry some black guy so she can come fuck him every few months. My mom is not like that she is  woman with morals. But I guess as morals go out the window when her first born son sits in front of her in prison, crying and begging her to please do this explaining that as soon as I got out, she can have the marriage annulled, and hopefully my stepdad would understand and take her back . Mom started to cry and after about five or 10 minutes she looked up at me and said OK. I was so surprised I had not expected her to say that, and I wasn’t in any danger if she would’ve said no, it was a lie the dre and I had concocted up one night. During the next 12 months a month, divorced, married my black prison daddy, and showed up religiously every three months for the conjugal. After that first conjugal visit that my daddy had with my mom he came back. Bragging about how my mom now calls him daddy as well. He pulled his huge limp cock out of his pants and told me that he wanted me to taste my mom. Doing as as I was told, I dropped to my knees and started licking and sucking his cock. I couldn’t believe how good his cock tasted at the moment as well as smelled. Looking down at me, he has me had my mom taste on his cock, and I replied, with it was so good making a joke saying that if I would’ve known I’ll get my mom tested before this moment I would figure out a way to get her to spread her legs every day just so I could taste this. Knowing it was a joke he laughed, but then said that he decided he was going to tell my mom the truth about me. Not about the drugs  but how him and I are sold up together for the sole purpose of wanting to be turned out turned into a bitch because I was scared, and that was all I was able to offer him for protection. Started tripping out instantly because there was the last thing I wanted to happen was for my family to know anything about what I was doing. Seen the look at my face. He told me not to worry it was all good and that was actually her idea for him to come back to the cell without showering and making me taste her juices from his cock. My had lots of pool and was able to get a cell phone often and he would FaceTime my mom. I was so shocked that my mom would let anyone talk to her the way our black daddy was talking to her, calling her names and having her repeat things that he said to her, such as She would say her apologies to him for whatever reason he would call her a dumb bitch and she repeat back that she knew that she was a dumb bitch and she was sorry for that as well offering to make it up to him by being a good little slut and promising him that she’ll do anything that he wants her to do and that’s when I heard him say that on top of the $180 every month that she put on his books so he can go to the store which is the max limit he wants her to put an extra $2500 every week on his books as well explaining  that she’s required at this moment. Five days a week after work she’s gonna become his bitch for real and prostitute herself out to come up with the money explaining that if she makes $500 night it’s only five days worth of work if you can still have the weekends off but if for some reason she’s short, because she better start working weekends as well and that if she doesn’t deposit the money every week on his books, then she would pay for it during the conjugal visit by him being the shit out of her. I felt bad at the moment for my mom. I wanted to say something to him. What can I do, if I did, he would just beat the fuck out of me as well, and still fucking require my mom to do all the same. And then I heard my mom tell him of course daddy do whatever you say it’s not because you’re threatening me, I do it because I love you and I love your black dick. He says he knows that she would do anything for it including this. He explained that he was going to have his homeboy show up at the house tonight so that he could school about what she needs to know what to do and what to do. He told my mom that as soon as we hang up the phone if he wants to go out and buy some thigh boots with 5 inch heels, a red par high with a matching garter and panties as well as bra. He wants eye makeup and bright blue or pink colors with some bright pink lipstick on as well  she gets home she’s to change and her new attire and weight for school to start but his homeboy shows up. As for payment for the schooling, it will be taken care of by her, giving up her holes and satisfying him. However, he ask her to, and she is not to deny him  anything or else. All she could say was yes, daddy not to worry she promises that she will be the best scholar ever when it comes to being his whore, and explaining that no matter what his homeboys request are to her even she has to turn into a genie. His wishes will be your command she has a question what if he’s with a group of people he tells me that he wants me to let everyone fuck me? Do I let everyone fuck me? Yeah bitch what the fuck did I tell you to do whatever he asks. I don’t give a fuck if he tells you to get on your hands and knees and go suck your dog off in front of them and then let them fuck you and your pussy for him and all of his friends to watch you better fucking do it. Of course she says. She has and then if I was still on the cell, I was able to hear her conversation at this moment and he said yes I was still there but he hasn’t heard anything or felt the bed shaking at all so I might’ve been asleep why he asked my mom to moan as she says I love to hear you talk like that daddy  it makes my pussy so fucking wet. Listen t how wet it is When I put my hand in my pussy and pull it out. And of course all I can hear with my mom‘s hand going in and out of her own wet pussy as she started to fist herself daddy. She started on super loud as fisted herself. And I hear her say that she hopes that I’m sleeping can’t hear this, but the reason she is so fucking wet at this moment and horny is because secretly her number one fantasy has always been to be gangbanged by a group of young black guys. Also, she’s always fantasize about being forced to sell her pussy to a black pimp which is required to handover every dollar and she does willingly. But she could’ve never expected to hear daddy even joke about her sucking off and getting fucked by a dog and that alone is always been her deepest, darkest secret. Explain to him that she was 14 during the summer. Her parents went away on the second honeymoon for 10 days and left her home by herself but the neighbor checking in on her from time to time. One day  she saw the dog licking himself and noticed that his red rocket was out and then wondered what it would taste like or be like having her mouth. Nobody was home and nobody would ever know so she tried it. She stops herself and tells daddy that she was sorry. Maybe she had said too much . He laughed and said that he doesn’t doubt anything when it comes to being a little fucking whore when it comes to my mom. Agree with him, and once again, repeating what he just said to her by her saying that she is a dirty little whore, and even at the age of 14 she was a dirty little whore as well  just a underage dirty little whore. He told her to continue telling the story. At this point, I was so shocked that I set up in the bed and jump down to the floor where Dre had his pants off and was stroking his cock, he looked over at me , which caught my mom‘s attention and she stopped and asked if I had woken up? He says it looks like it but continue anyways, embarrassed I heard my mom said daddy please not in front of my son and he tells her that he wasn’t asking her he was telling her to continue and that there’s nothing to worry about your son knows. How big of a whore you are. Telling her that I hear all of there conversations, you a whore as well and that the stuff I do miss out on he tells me anyways. Matter fact, he says, and looks at me saying that this would be a good time for my mom to see how good of a head doctor for Blackhawk I have become. And insane there you both even you’re gonna tell me about you and the dog while your son sucks my cock, you both could be equally embarrassed now continue as I went to go position myself between his legs, I caught a glimpse of my mom as she was completely naked with her hand past her wrist stuffed inside of her pussy. I can tell she was embarrassed or not because it was only for a quick second before I buried my face around daddy‘s cock as I sucked it. I heard him tell my mom to take a good look at her son, saying that she should be so proud of me for realizing my true purpose in life was to be come a bitch to some black man and following his mom’s footsteps . I didn’t want to look up so I kept my eyes closed the continued with my job. She started her story talking about how she went over the dark, and started rubbing on him and rubbing on his cock without any hesitation, she went down and put it in her mouth the same way the other girls on the videos do it. And yes, she says at 14. I got a hold of a couple of VHS tapes from a friend of mine. They’re all homemade videos are her friend and her cousins taking turns, sucking and getting fucked by their dogs. That’s what got her curious is by watching those videos. I’m not trying to brag, but I was pretty much an expert from the start. She explains, although she wasn’t sure what it was gonna taste like when the dark started to come and when he did, she didn’t know what the thing  is spit everything out on the floor and then leaned over and threw up. Sitting there recovering and knowing what it taste like at this moment, as well as how warm it would be she thought to herself that she would have to clean this mess up one way or the other so she might as well finish the job that she started  and then she said she leaned down because they happen to be in the kitchen and there was linoleum on the floor with easy to see where all become had ended up. Sticking her tongue out, she started to lick the floor and before she knew it was going on  she found her 14-year-old pussy, pussy, dripping, wet, realizing that licking to come off the floor was turning around and that’s when she got into it and started sucking it up as well as rubbing her face and her cheeks in it and looking up in the mirror and see what she looked like with come all over her face  once the mess was cleaned up, she was horny and that’s when she decided to see if she could get the dog to fuck her aching throbbing even though she was a virgin. She got all four loaded her face to the ground and reached back and spread it open  she called the dog over to her. She said she started talking the dog like he could understand her explaining that she wanted him to take her virginity from her and for him not to worry, she knows he would feel good for him, and if he was a good boy  and fucked her. She promised him that at least once a week she let him do it again. Amazed because she felt that the dog understood her word for word mount, and then started thrusting his cock between his legs super fast. After a couple minutes of the dog fucking air instead of her pussy she had to reach between her legs  and try to guide the dogs dick inside of her. Right away the founders mark from zero to balls deep she started to scream from the pain, realizing that she was no longer a virgin. She said she was determined to stay there. Let the doctor finish even though every pump shot a new wave of pain inside of her she let it happen, and then before she knew it, she was able to fill his cock as it swelled inside of her stretching her freshly devirginize pussy past its stretching limits making her cry and then a few seconds later, she felt the dogs dick start to spasm and it started to shoot warm thick come deep inside of her coating her walls warm come. Instantly she started to feel relief kind of like the dogs come with magic for her pain and the thing she knew there’s no more pain and it actually turned into one of the greatest feelings she ever had. Finally, the dog broke loose from her pussy and her hand instantly went to rub it she Felt liquid falling her hand and thought it was blood at first until she looked down and realized that all of that come from the dog oozing out of her freshly pussy. Remembering that she was gonna have to clean up the mess. Anyways, she tried to catch as much of it in her hand, and she could then bring it up to her mouth for a quick taste, and then the rest of it she decided to smear all over her face so she could see herself in the mirror again. After that day for the next three or four years as she promised, she let the dog  have his way with her. What about then I filled Dre, get ready to bust himself knowing that most of the time he would rather shoot it on my face than have me swallow it up first I pulled his cock out and started jacket off with my mouth open wide, as well as my eyes  load out the words from the feed me daddy. I saw him turn the phone around. I swear I locked eyes with my mom FaceTime, but by this time I had to become such a fucking pro when it comes to sucking cock, I didn’t even miss a beat.  Feeling no more shame I busted out with mom look how good of a black dick sucker become, watch daddy as he comes all over my face, and then he did broke after rope after rope, hit me in my eye of my nose in my mouth when everywhere and as soon as he was done , I looked over the phone and daddy if I could hold it and talk to my mom for a second. Once the phone was in my hand, and all my shame being washed away my freeze words in my mouth where me telling my mom how proud I am of her for looking out for her son, best interest, and becoming a black cock whore. She says it must be in your DNA son mother like son, she thinks me for talking her into doing this and admitting that the day I got out she had planned to follow divorce and go back to my stepdad but thanks to me and hearing about how much I enjoy being a white slut even while being in prison she decided to give him on his chance herself. It was a long before she realized that whether she wanted to or not it’s gotten to the point where she can admit that she is 100% addicted to being treated like a slut and used as a whore by huge black cock at the moment when she realize all that she says there’s no way she will ever go back to a white man. They have nothing to offer that even compares to a black man except maybe loyalty and a nice cushy job but that’s about it  admitting that she has never come across any white men dick that will even compare or come close to comparing to daddy‘s black cock. It is so big and at this point my pussy is become so loose and stretched out that there’s no way in hell I’d even feel anything from any white man  not to mention she said she has never met a white guy attempted to treat her like a slut and fuck her like a whore. No wonder girls become sluts I like it rough because as soon as I’m hooked up with you daddy, can you start to pound my pussy , and then my ass telling me I wasn’t worthless white bitch, and my only job is to please your cock, and she started to yell as loud as she could, and agree that her only job in the world is to serve and worship your Black cock   She said she didn’t realize how good it would feel having something in her pussy that big stretch her to the lemon and being fucked as hard as she was being fucked, and then throw in all the name-calling and choking, and being slapped in the face in the tits, as well as being spit on in the face Feel so good just when I thought I was at my highest peak she said that she felt him that deep in her pussy at least that’s what she thought it was until he pulled his cock out and That it wasn’t come at all. It was pee  he pissed inside of her pussy, and as soon as she realized it, she went into a siezer  like orgasm and she started to shake uncontrollably as well as crying, begging him to stop without even realizing it she rolled under her back spinning around, begging to piss in her mouth so she could taste it without even gagging one bit. I heard my mom say that she swallowed gulp gulp after gulp of his warm, hot, salty, piss, and then he was done. She took his cock in his mouth and sucked him. He told her to stop. That’s when she thanked him. At that moment she realizes her life changed forever and finally it was going in the right direction. Well, I hope you like my story  or my comment lol it was all true up until the part about my mom that never happened that was all made up although I wish it was. The whole time when I was telling the story I was in my head I was imagining my mom being fucked by the dog . It made me realize that even though I never thought about her fantasize about my mom maybe just maybe I would although I never have the balls to approach her and try anything. I’ll just keep my little secret to myself maybe next time I go over there still a pair of used panties from the laundry  so they can take them home and sniff them off fantasizing. By the way, if anyone’s reading this and decides they wanna make a comment or have a question about anything TwoZeroNine 622/8fiveTwo Nine is where you should ask those questions or make those comments. And don’t worry even if they’re negative I promise to take them well. Central California Modesto area



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