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      The ongoing interracial revolution leading to a new black world order is either loved/desired or feared/hated. So I am going to give some numbers to demonstrate that the black race will ultimately absorb the white one into its own genetic pool.

      Recessive white genes
      Each human race on Earth is the fruit of a long lineage coming from thousands of years of limited breeding. Africans, the mother-race of humans, stayed black while their descendants get lighter in Europe and Asia. Because movement was limited until the mid-20th century, and also of the strong racism of whites, there was no genetic competition between the different races.

      But all the factors that are driving the interracial revolution nowadays were already present. White men had still been afraid of black ones, hence the slavery as an inferiority complex.

      Why this fear? Because when you go black, you never go back! This is not only a sexual addiction, it is genetic supremacy that causes a fertile white womb to give birth to a black child once African semen has gone into it. White genes are recessive, which means that every time a blonde or a redhead girl with blue or green eyes opens her legs for an African man, she says goodbye to her genetic legacy and lineage.

      Here you understand why for centuries interracial weddings were forbidden. The white race needs two white parents to survive while the black one, the root race of humanity, needs only a fertile womb to thrive.

      White girls attraction for black men
      White men quickly understood that black men were physically superior to them, which sadly made them good slaves. They took the best ones and highlighted the natural superior strength, stamina and muscular structure of the African male. Centuries later, it has lead to a dominant African race that surpasses the white one in every sport, and since bodies are what drives sexual attraction, the black man is the best one for women to have healthy children.

      At the same time, the white woman was raised as a goddess of purity, the guardian of the white race and of civilization on Earth. The blonde hair and pale skin were considered superior and forbidden to all other races. Human rights and liberal ideology had also made the white man weak and lacking confidence.

      So, while the African race has developed its manly attributes, the white race has developed its feminine ones. Hence it is no surprise than nowadays the sexy and thin white teens and the tall and muscular black men are attracted to each other. They are the opposed sides, the more pure and perfect ones, of the same coin, the human race.

      African and European demography
      Now let’s have a look over some stats. There are around 1 billion white people in the world (750 million in Europe) and 1,5 billion black (1,2 billion in Africa).

      At the end of the century, there will still be 750 million Europeans but somewhere between 3 and 4 billion Africans. While the African population will stay purely black, the European one (and all the white populations on Earth) will have more or less already mixed with blacks. So there will be only 500-600 million of pure Whites on Earth in 2100, with 30% of mixed-bred in the 750 million inhabitants of Europe.

      In 2100, there will be 4 Africans for every 1 white, and thanks to global warming caused by white civilization, tens of millions of black men will come to Europe. Native white females will be the bridge between the two worlds, a dying and a promising one.

      An outlook for the 22nd Century
      The 22nd will be a great one, a black one. Think about a new African-European race, a brown-dark race who will carry the legacy of its pure African DNA. By the end of the 22nd century, there could be around 100-200 million whites on Earth.

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      As a white male husband supporting his white wife bearing only black children with her lovers I am happy to be bringing about that future of black dominance.

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