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January 5, 2019 at 10:02 am #2422 Reply


Obviously not all white boys have the skill or inclination to help their white women service and obey large black cocks, but I think they should learn. While a thick ebony cock is fucking her little pink pussy white boys can lick his sweaty black balls, cook them a snack, rim him or ask the stud what he should do to serve.

I am a little white faggot and I lost my virginity to a black man at the tender age of 15. I lied to him about my age and he was a little nervous at first but soon started fucking me real good. At that point I hadn’t even heard of a hands free orgasm, but about an hour in I started twitching and my dick started spraying its useless boy cream. This was despite him forbidding me to touch my own dick while he fucked me. As my hole twitched and constricted on him he kept fucking me through the post orgasmic over-sensitivity. I had asked him to wear a condom but he declined so when he eventually came he filled me with his jizz.

Over the next few years I fucked some white guys too (big mistake) and found them to not be as good and none of them ever got me to cum hands free. When I went to college I chose an urban school so I could have lots of black cock. I now meet lots of teenage white girls who go to class with me who yearn for black cock. I always help them out by arranging for them to meet one of the black bulls I know in town. So far it has only resulted in one white bitch being bred and having a black baby. She had to drop out lmao.

January 9, 2019 at 8:28 pm #2434 Reply


Shut your nigger ass up bitch. I’m white so you saying white girls are done fucking white men. Btw I’m not racist bitch but you need stfu with your degrading trash and this site is extremely fantasy nigga faggot you are mind washed and wantindwashed women to listen to you. Go black for good stfu and black niggas don’t have big dicks like white men just damn truth unless they pulled their ass and did surgery and fuck out of here homie I have black friends and they don’t say this stupid shit you say Fucking sorry nigga bitch

January 15, 2019 at 7:30 pm #2451 Reply

Chicago white guy

Mark although you try to sound like a gangsta, you are a total fucking nerd and a wanna be wigga. Listen idiot, this site does not promote black superiority or white inferiority. This is a fantasy fetish site. Sex fetish. Now relax and go play your video games in your mom’s basement.

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