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      Hi guys, I’m new here and love what this site is all about. Over the years I have become more and more obsessed with white women fucking big black niggers and wanted to share a true story about my mother in law.

      Firstly, she is a sexy woman in her late fifties – she’s blonde, blue eyes, sexy body for her age (not fat or chubby) and she has big fucking titties!! I’ve seen photos of her younger and she was definitely a hot white slut.

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      I get so turned on by the fact she obviously has a thing for blacks, she has been black bred – and she’s a classy mature woman who I know for a fact has been hammered by big black niggers!! She also had a black boyfriend in her teens apparently.

      I’d love to be sort of cucked by her – whereby she tells me and teases me that only big black cocks  get inside her and that she is a fucking slut- but only for niggers.

      Anyways I’m happy to chat about her if anyone has anything they wanna know. She is definitely wank fodder, a black cock slut and in my opinion a cock tease!

      Id love to see her get absolutely destroyed – if it can’t be me, then I’d love to watch a gang of blacks rip her apart! 🙂

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      Hi Froggy

      Enjoy your relevant post

      Would welcome chatting about sexperiences and wife with black men fantasies

      Look forward to your reply



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      share a photos of your mom in law please

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