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March 31, 2019 at 12:25 pm #2887 Reply


So one of my other times was with a black guy with other people around

This happened back when I was a cheerleader and we traveled for an away game. My boyfriend was on the basketball team and after the game we were going to ride back on the team bus together. I got my girlfriend to go with me. When we got on the bus I sat in an empty seat so my BF could sit with me and she sat across the isle. Well my BF ended up missing the bus and two guys sat next to us so my GF and i were far apart.

I asked the guy next to me if he’d trade places with me and when I got up he slid over but layed across the seat so I didn’t have a place to sit. So I’m standing in the aisle when the guy who is sitting right behind my GF says I can sit on his lap. Turns out it was a friend of my boyfriend who I’ll call Troy but that’s not his real name.

So i jumped at the chance to be so close to my GF. Troy was sitting next to the window so I slid in and sat on his lower thighs so I could lean on the seat in front and talk to my friend. Troy was a big guy like maybe 6’8 and his skin was super dark. He was always nice to me so I didn’t think he had anything on his mind when he offered to let me sit on his lap. Well the bus started going and he put his hands around my waist. When I asked him why, he said so I wouldn’t slide off. So i thought ok but when we went over bumps I could feel his fingers on the bottom of my boobs. I thought what the heck if he wants to cop a little feel while I’m on his lap it’s ok.
So I’m sitting there talking to my friend when he takes one of his hands off my waist. Then I started feeling something rubbing against my panties under my skirt. So i turned and asked him to move his hand and both his hands were on my waist again but something was still poking me down there!
I had heard stories about how big Troy was and I always wondered since he was black. So he had pulled his cock out of his shorts and slid it under my skirt. It was really hard to talk to my GF while it was pressing into my panties. I couldn’t think about anything except the huge black cock that was just a thin layer of fabric from my pussy. After a few minutes my panties were soaked and i know he could feel it!
Then he put his hand under my skirt and pulled my panties aside so now his cock was rubbing right against my pussy. I totally lost track of the conversation with my GF when he started pushing his head against my pussy trying to penetrate me. I’m not kidding when I say it was big! I didn’t think it would fit but then he got the head in me. It hurt so bad I told my GF I was tired and put my head down on the seat so she couldn’t see my face.
Troy proceeded to pull my hips back over his crotch so he had a better angle to get his dick in me. It literally felt like he was shoving a baseball bat in me. He didn’t really thrust much and let the bumpy road do the work. Every bump we hit made his dick go in a little more. Until he hit bottom and it wouldn’t go in me any further. We road like that with my head down and his dick in me for a long time. Seemed like 30 minutes at least.
After it stopped hurting it felt really good and all I could think about was whether he was going to cum in me and if I would have a black baby. I can’t explain it but I was super turned on by those thoughts which is why I didn’t make him pull out. Finally I felt something warm inside and i knew he had cum, but he still didn’t pull out until the bus got back to our school. I don’t know if he came once or several times, but when he pulled out his cum started dripping out and running down my legs. It still is the most cum I’ve ever had in me by far.
I was sure I was gonna get pregnant but i didn’t somehow. My boyfriend found out what happened and dumped me a week later. As for Troy, I saw him again but we never did it anymore..
I get really wet thinking about this. What’s amazing to me is i wasn’t drunk or anything. I knew what he was doing and I just let him fuck me bareback and cum in me. Deep down I always fantasized about black guys and it was so hot to take the risk of getting pregnant with a black baby. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

July 27, 2019 at 6:56 am #3472 Reply


Did that really happen????

August 3, 2019 at 5:07 pm #3603 Reply


Yes it really did happen and I still think of it often!

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