Cuck’s outlook when he sees his wife being taken ?

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February 19, 2020 at 9:45 am #5206 Reply


I would love to hear and see a cuck’s outlook when he sees his wife being taken  ?9LT69CU

February 21, 2020 at 1:36 am #5210 Reply

Ken in PC

It had been a long time wish of mine to see my wife Sherry being taken and used by a black cock.  I initially brought it up through our first years of marriage.  It was infrequent but in the background during sex as well as fantasizing during our sexual play.  It was always NO  I’m not that kind of girl/wife, why would you want another man and black to make love to me.  I would explain to Sherry “Not make love but to fuck for your pleasure and mine to watch!” After 15 years we moved to a new city and she discovered that a couple about our age (close neighbors were involved in the husband Tony sharing his wife Fran a school teacher.  Fran shared many things with my wife who then mentioned them to me while we were having sex.

I then began to fantasize with my wife about her friends husband doing her as I watched.  It turned Sherry and I both on and we continued doing this for a few months.  During this time Fran shared with Sherry that she had just met a black guy her husband introduced her to and how great the sex had been.  When Sherry told me this I slowly and carefully brought up the discussion of what it might be like to experiment sometime when and if she wanted to.

As it turned out Fran told Sherry that Tony would like to get together with her and fuck her, as Fran and Tony both knew she was virginal to any other men. By this time Sherry was interested and began to discuss with me how I would feel about Tony fucking her.  I was slow in responding as though I would really have to think about it a great deal.  In the back of my mind I definitely wanted to see it happen if I could watch.  It was set up to happen during one weekend at there home.  Fran would be hosting her black stud and Tony would do Sherry.  This excited the two of us greatly.

The next part is a bit difficult for me to explain as it did and has affected me seeing my wife being taken and used by our neighbor.  Sherry’s clothes being removed Tony’s hands all over her body and touching places and inserting his fingers where only I had been before.  Did I want this?  Could I continue to watch and let it happen?  Part of me said No stop it, but I guess a greater part wanted to see her being taken and fucked by another man.  On rare occasions Sherry had given me a blow job however she went for Tony’s cock as I watched it enter her mouth and could see its outline in her throat.  She gagged and choked as he was a bit more forceful that I had been.  What was worse when I heard him start to groan I was sure he would pull out or she would pull away.  It did not happen as I had expected, he took hold of the back of her head and held her as his cock ejaculated his copious cum/sperm into hr mouth and she had to swallow it as I watched in awe but perhaps terror as well that she had indeed taken it and swallowed his semen when he came in her mouth.

At this point I knew that I was soon going to witness another man fucking my once innocent wife and more than likely he was going to cum inside her when he fucked her.  I really wanted to stop this in some way but I was also curious as to how it would look as I watched and he fucked and came inside of her.  I’m having a bit of a hard time even thinking back to that night.  The memory of another man cumming inside of your wife for her first time,  being there and knowing she was no longer totally yours as she had another man’s seed down her throat and into her womb will remain with me as long as the two of us are still together.

The worse was to come however as Fran entered the spare bedroom after she had just been fucked by her black stud.  The black guy was just behind her and Fran asked her husband Tony how Sherry had been.  Small talk but it then led up to Tony pulling up out of Sherry and motioning for Frans black stud to take his place.  I wanted to say No but we were there guests and in a way I did want to see Sherry blackened.  Sherry was still somewhat out of it as Malcolm carefully knelt over her and then gradually brought his erect black cock close the entrance of her wet and creamy cunt slit.  Sherry started to stir and became more aware of what was happening but as I had hoped and prayed it was really to late as she was saying NOoooo Malcolm was beginning to penetrate her fuck hole as I watched and let it happen.   Sherry looked up at me as though she wanted me to help stop this invasion of her body by a black cock but I have to admit I was frozen in Place with a strong desire to watch her be fucked and taken by a black man!!


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