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      The Black Enforcement Detail
      our high school does patrol,
      to enforce the Black World Order Rule,
      That white boys leave white girls alone.

      One day one white fool defied the Rule,
      and tried to sneak by
      to approach white girls to meet them.

      But strong black men were vigilant
      and the Detail was there to receive him.

      He didn’t get sucked,
      instead he got cucked.
      Instead of a treat
      he got his ass beat,
      will this time he learn his lesson?

      The new law in this land
      is the strong black man.

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      This is 2020.  All white women have read the stories about black men.  They see the black athletes and wonder what sex with a black man would be like.  Black men are out there ready to seduce these women.  Married or not, 15 to 60. And when it happens it is over for these women.  No white man could ever satisfy them again.  I watched a black man hit on my wife right in front of me.  He was persistent.  She gave it up and I am now a sexless cuckold.  He told me if I ever tried to have sex with her again he would castrate me and I know he meant it.

      We are in a Black man’s world now and the white race will be eliminated in 3 generations.  No stopping this now!



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      Accepting it now

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>We now have young and old white females in politics who openly talk about how we have to many white males and plans are being looked at to change the color to a darker world white males hands are behind their back because our only hope of staying in front are being demolished by our own white females who are by tbe thousands. Daily are proudly denying white guys their bodies and letting the world watch them humiliate us by submitting their precious white soft bodies to be destroyed. And impregnated by massive foot long african cocks. They even have vids where we are having our small white dicks sticking out and competing sizes wth big black cocks</p>
      to stand next to a black man. Is letting the world watch your defeat

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      I worship pretty white girls and that big black cock. Thank you Jesus.  Jr. High School. Praise God .

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