Real dick is black dick and white dudes can’t compete

Her white ex was sweet and caring but in the end she dumped him for a black thug. He cheats on her and shares her with his homies which might be morally wrong. But what really matters is that she now finally enjoys sex. Black guys are so much bigger and so much better in bed and she is now black owned for life.

10 thoughts on “Real dick is black dick and white dudes can’t compete

  1. Ha ha, that is kinda true for me, I mean I am really slutty for black guys compared to my white boyfriends I’ve had. I can’t explain it or even understand it much but I like being used sexually by black guys! The sex is soooooo hot!!!! ?

  2. This video reminds me how African refugees have sex. They are very forceful and open about their need to make us have baby. German men just dont satisfy anymore.

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