Black men are alpha males and women can’t say no

A huge dick is a sign of sexual superiority and black men know what they got to offer. Still white guys keep calling it “a myth” but that has been debunked so many times that not even white guys believe their own words anymore. Black is bigger. Black is better.

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9 Responses to Black men are alpha males and women can’t say no

  1. BreAnne says:

    Hell yes, lol! ?

  2. Dana13j says:

    I agree

  3. Kandi says:

    Black Alphas are best by far!!!!!

  4. Jessica B. says:

    Just the thought of black dicks makes me super wet!

  5. whitefaggotcuckhold4BBCbimbos says:

    I agree and I am pussy free. BIG BLACK COCK has retired this inferior white faggot. Today, I’m for BIG BLACK COCK only. Fuck yeah BIG BLACK COCK!!!!

  6. Skinnygirl says:

    I believe it!!!!

  7. thom says:

    Totally agree once we r finely black owned then their will b hapiness

  8. Julia says:

    I an happy to know that American girls desire African men like we do in germany!

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